Bombus terrestris

National Orchestra seeks new conductors!

A wonderful cacophony of low vibrational hums closes in across the fen as large, hairy, bodies supported by tiny, glinting wings appear to defy gravity. Foraging for food, the orchestrated melody of the ever busy bumblebees fill the air. Once abundant everywhere, they heralded in both spring and summer. But what happens when mornings turn […]

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  • Flatford Mill F.S.C

    Get Modern or Get Out!

    There is a shocking fluorescent pink blot on Constable’s landscape. It has matching spectacularly clean wellies and a camera slung around its neck. The laughter of the ‘A’level students, resonates through the silent Flatford Mill grounds in Suffolk. A squadron of bomber ducks collide with the slightly shimmering water on the education centre’s pond, commanding […]

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  • Monarch Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) licensed under Creative Commons

    Royals in Space

    The Monarch Butterfly or Milkweed Butterfly (Danaus plexippus) is a rare visitor to the south of the UK, often blown off course from its migratory route from Northern most breeding grounds of Canada to Mexico. When migrating, Monarchs can travel over 1,800 miles often preferring to over winter in California. Soon, this species instead of […]

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  • Common Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus pipistrellus) Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

    Squatters Rights

    After attending a bats and moths education event at the Houses of Parliment run by the Heritage Lottery Fund, the Butterfly Conservation and the Bat Conservation Trust, MP Andrew Robathan was enlightened by the plight of Bats and how endangered they have become in the UK. He said “I am particularly fond of bats and […]

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  • Photo By Shimgray

    Wildlife crimes are not acceptable

    The NWCU (National Wildlife Crime Unit) since operation 3 years ago, have reduced their Wildlife Crime staff from 14 to 9 due to lack of funding and have made only 51 convictions in 2008-2009 which is only 3.3% of the cases they dealt with, reported the Sunday national newspapers. Wildlife crime is on the increase […]

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  • By Sannse

    Common may be the new ‘Rare’

    Conservation action for rare breeding UK birds are proving to be a great success according to The State of UKs’ Birds report, published by the RSPB (Royal Soceity for the Protection of Birds) as it celebrates its tenth birthday providing an overview of native breeding birds. It reveals that conservation efforts for rare birds like […]

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  • Offshore wind farm turbine by Phil Hollman

    An Act or just acting?

    Hunting for stowaways, ORCA stealthily approaches, searching silently for migrants. Children and adults wait in anticipation as the cold uninvited saline air enshrouds the skin. On the horizon, the recognisable back of a porpoise breaches the water. ORCA wildlife officers are the onboard experts. A marine conservation charity dedicated to forging links between people and […]

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  • Bottlenose Dolphin

    Decade of campaigning pays off

    In two days time, the House of Lords will grant the Marine and Coastal Access Bill its final approval, shortly afterwards it will receive the Royal Assent, after nearly ten years of campaigning by MCS (Marine Conservation Soceity) ,RSPB (Royal Soceity for the Protection of Birds), WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and TWT (The Wildlife Trusts) […]

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  • Photo By Kevin Higgins

    Fantastic Life of Mr Fox

    On screen, nearly 40 years on from its first publication ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ by Roald Dahl, Mr Fox, the star of the film released earlier last month, is enjoying great success. Off screen, opinions are still divided as this month launches the official opening of hunting season in the UK. The press release for HSA […]

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