Decade of campaigning pays off

Decade of campaigning pays off

In two days time, the House of Lords will grant the Marine and Coastal Access Bill its final approval, shortly afterwards it will receive the Royal Assent, after nearly ten years of campaigning by MCS (Marine Conservation Soceity) ,RSPB (Royal Soceity for the Protection of Birds), WWF (World Wildlife Fund) and TWT (The Wildlife Trusts) and by the end of the week it will become an Act of Parliment and law.

Under the new legistlation, greater protection will be given to the habitat and species that surround Britain which will see the end of trawling and other harmful fishing practices, allowing endangered species and habitats to recover and also afford the Trusts and Conservation groups the ability to highlight areas of conservation for greater protection and finally to assess the state of the ecosystem.

“The Marine Bill will provide a once in a lifetime opportunity to protect our nationally important marine species and habitats. It will also establish a Marine Management Organisation, a Marine Planning system, inshore fisheries reform, an overhaul of the consents procedure.” says the MCS find out more here.


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