• Bombus terrestris
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    National Orchestra seeks new conductors!

    A wonderful cacophony of low vibrational hums closes in across the fen as large, hairy, bodies supported by tiny, glinting wings appear to defy gravity. Foraging for food, the orchestrated melody of the ever busy bumblebees fill the air. Once abundant everywhere, they heralded in both spring and summer. But what happens when mornings turn […]

  • Flatford Mill F.S.C
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    Get Modern or Get Out!

    There is a shocking fluorescent pink blot on Constable’s landscape. It has matching spectacularly clean wellies and a camera slung around its neck. The laughter of the ‘A’level students, resonates through the silent Flatford Mill grounds in Suffolk. A squadron of bomber ducks collide with the slightly shimmering water on the education centre’s pond, commanding […]

  • Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis) Courtesy of Wikimedia
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    Over 2,300 trees felled for London exhibition

    More than 4,700 exhibitors had stands at this years WTM (World Travel Market) at ExCeL in London. Billed as ‘The premier global event for the travel Industry’ it provides a networking opportunity for airlines, tour operators, hoteliers and tourist boards from around the world. Seminars on the agenda included insights into the travel industry trends, […]

  • By Sannse

    Common may be the new ‘Rare’

    Conservation action for rare breeding UK birds are proving to be a great success according to The State of UKs’ Birds report, published by the RSPB (Royal Soceity for the Protection of Birds) as it celebrates its tenth birthday providing an overview of native breeding birds. It reveals that conservation efforts for rare birds like […]

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  • Photo By Tara Marjoram

    Who’s been eating my breakfast?

    It lay, barely visible under the autumnal leaf litter surrounded by heady oak trees, hazel and blackberry. The smell of the damp earth rising to meet the days dew. This is the territory of several different mammals and these are the remains of someone’s breakfast. All but one of the discarded hazelnut shells lay hidden […]

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  • photo_1240_20081018

    Foul Play

    The brown sludge lay amidst the dark emerald blades of grass. As the sun shone it warmed up the odour that wafted up the nostrils uninvited. An unwelcomed mystery, its’ victim unaware, lay blissfully sunbathing, belly up. Ground floor tenants of this prestigious, victorian seaside dwelling in Felixstowe, Suffolk said “we have received a surprising […]

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  • Photo By Tara Marjoram

    Heroes Needed

    Weigh more than 25 kgs, never travelled abroad, fit and healthy, up to date with vaccinations, of good temperament and aged between 1 and 8 years old? Imagine your faithful friend has been involved in a serious accident or contracted a horrid disease or just had major surgery and needs a blood transfusion. The much […]

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